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Pete Bernert has released v1.9 of his Open Source Soft driver for freeware Playstation emulators. Here's the list of change sto v1.9:



linuzappz moved the Linux config and about windows into a separate application. This will prevent troubles with main emus/ frontends usig a different GTK version, just copy the cfgPeopsSoft application in the emu's cfg directory.


Pete added a new 'debug mode' option to the Window's plugin, which will enable certain debug modes in the future (so it's mainly interesting for developers). Currently only one debug feature is available: you can configure a key to toggle between the 'normal' display and a full vram view (showing the complete 1024x512 psx gpu vram). Please note: not all cards will be able to do it.


Nearly one year ago the first version of the P.E.Op.S. soft plugin has been released as Open Source. All kind of stuff has been added and fixed during this year, and I would like to thank all the coders who helped me to make it bigger and better, and of course all the users giving support and bug reports :D Now another nice thing happened: good ole Farfetch'd, a well-known fellow emu coder, decided to share his knowledge about the psx gpu with the P.E.Op.S. Open Source project. He provided me with a lotta detail infos, things which are usually hard to find out, since not much games are using every weird psx gpu ability.So over a dozen small changes were done because of the new informations, increasing the compatibility of the plugin, and actually some of them even fixed certain issues :)Enjoy the release, and be prepared for another year of plugin updates, ehehe :)



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