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Kawa X plus or se help peeeze


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I have all the files and the roms that i need inclding mslug5 and samshow5 but im a real newb to this i think i know what im supposed to be doing. Opening up the original roms and renaming them to the names shown in the images of the screens in the kawa x plus package.

The problem is the amount of files i have in the roms does not match what i see in the screens images so if somebody could do a precise dummies guide with hints and tips it would be greatly appreciated better still if some one has it all up and running and wants to make an image to download better still im sure ive got something i can reward you with thanx in advance for your help.


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well as of right now, theres going to be a new release of 2 xbe's (go to "Metal Slug 5 On Kawa-X" topic for more info on that)


as for the renaming; if all your roms are the same for the pc emus then you have very little changes to do as is but if you're coming from kawa-x plus to se then you might need to get a few files for some roms


if you have aim/msn i can send you a rar with the latest pic of roms (including mslug5nd)

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