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I Was Thinking,Since I Have Soooooooooooooooo MAny ISO I Wanted,I Shall Then Rip Disc.But,The Problem IS,I am A n00b Coming to rip and I don't even know how to rip PSX Disc!!!So,Any Guardiance Will Be Appreciated.

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Ripping a PSX game means to copy the REAL game to your harddrive just in case you wanted to know


if you mean you want to burn the ISOs, use Nero to burn the ISOs to CDs


if you want to Rip a game, use Alchohol 120% and use the image making wizard


You need a modchip, or to use a swapt trick to boot burned games on a PSX though


i posted one but it mostly only works with 1 disc games, some games that are two discs when it asks you to swap, turn off your PSX, use the swap disc for the second disc and try to load your game, with some games when it saves before saying Insert Second Disc it actually puts a save with your position somewhere on the second disc

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