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I would like to know if there is anywhere i can get info on the best settings for N64 Roms in 1964......I have San Francisco Rush 2049 running lovely, but i cant get sound...i have various plugins, but none of them seem to work...

I would really like to find somewhere that has detailed info on how best to set up each rom, and what plugins to use....i had trouble with 1080 Snowboarder, but that is running like a dream with NvidiaOpenGL plugin....but i have many others that i need help with....well about 40 in total...lol....the roms are fine, its just my settings.....and as i am new to 1964, i am lost at the amount of configurables!!!


I have this link, but its very basic.....




All help or links be greatly appreciated... :P

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I've gotten sound to work with San Fran Rush 2049, but unfortunately, the sound is very garbled and it slows the game down, trust me, for now, it's better to play without sound. If you want to see what it sounds like though, get the rsp.dll that comes with Projet64, and put it in the plugins folder for 1964. Select it in the options for rsp, then, configure it so that "SendAudio lists to audio plugins" is Not checked. But check "Send Display lists to graphic plugin". I'm using azimers audio v0.3, but you can try jabo's directsound (or any other audio plugin, for that matter). Check this forum out, there's some helpful stuff there;


Good luck, and if you find a better configuration, be sure to share it.

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