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Is it possible to compile raine on arm device (Retropie)?


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Er, no sorry, this is called backporting, there is absolutely no reason for me to do that. But so far the changes have been only to try to compile with sdl 2.0.10, you can try to start over with 0.92.1 to see how it works, it should at least get rid of these sdl compilation errors, but don't come crying because of all the other bugs which are inside... !

0.92.1 is there in git : https://github.com/zelurker/raine/releases/tag/0.92.1

The part about fixing the asm bits can probably be put to a patch which you should be able to apply to this source too, hopefully !

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No. I'm not asking to backport any new features to an old version. I'm just seeking if I can compile any version of raine on my existing hardware (which unfortunately is locked at an outdated sdl version 2.0.9, and the only way I know to build programs for it is through pi which uses 2.0.10). 

But I fully respect your decision, if you don't want to waste time reviewing the code of an old version. That's toally understandable. I'm still grateful for the suggestions you provided earlier.

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