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MAMEoXtras More Odds N Ends (new update)


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MAMEoXtras More Odds N Ends
by arcadez

New games now supported

Beyond Kung-Fu (missing background gfx same as current MAME)
Clockwork Aquario
Donkey Kong Remix
Mortal Race

games fixed and now playable

Kiki Kai Kai (via the new MCU dump)
Virtua Racing

games with graphical improvements

U.S Classic
Safari Rally

games now with sound

Safari Rally

games now with sound sample support

safari rally

games with emulation improvements

Hooked up the M6801 protection mcu for Taito's Kiki Kai Kai
fixing many issues in game eg broken enemies and game logic
this game can finally be considered 100% in the emulation dept
and fully playable.

Improved the performance in Virtua Fighter and Virtua Racing
by disabling debug logging calls in the Model 1 graphic code.

general fixes and improvements

Backported the MB86233 CPU added stalling support to the V60 CPU [grant2258]
Hooked up the TGP logic data for Virtua Racing game now playable [grant2258]
Added support for Clockwork Aquario to the segas18 driver [grant2258, arcadez]
Added support for Mortal Race to the stlforce driver [mistydreams, arcadez]
Backported a graphical fix from latest MAME to fix missing shadows in Atari's Shuuz [MAMEdev, arcadez]
Fixed missing player 3 buttons in Final Fight Anniversary Edition [arcadez]
Added support for Beyond Kung-Fu the super rare Kung-Fu Master 2 prototype to m62.c [MAMEdev, arcadez]
Hooked up the M6801 protection MCU for Kiki Kai Kai game can now be considered 100% playable [MAMEdev, arcadez]
Speedup both Virtua Fighter and Virtua Racing by disabling logging calls in model1 gfx. [grants2258]
Added missing color proms and decoding for U.S. Classic [mahoneyt944]
Fixed colors and added sample support for Safari Rally plus added the World Version [mahoneyt944]



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