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Mameoxtras Odds N Ends (new update)


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MAMEoXtras Odds N Ends
by arcadez

New games now supported
Dogyuun (8/25/1992 location test)
Maze Invaders
Pack N' Bang Bang (Final Retail Version)
Photo Y2K 2
Puzzli 2
Puzzli 2 Super

games with graphical improvements
Atomic Boy / Wily Tower
Cannon Dancer / Osman
Contra / Gryzor
WWF SuperStars

games now with sound
Atomic Boy / Wily Tower
Dogyuun (Via the newly supported set)

games with sound improvements
Rim Rockin Basketball

CPS1 changes
Street Fighter II' - The World Warrior now clocks at 10mhz all
the other versions of Street Fighter II and the following games
now run at 12mhz to get rid of slowdowns where there shouldn't be...

Dai Makai-Mura
Capcom World 2
Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition
Megaman / Rockman - the Power Battle
Pang 3
Quiz and Dragons
Quiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 Zenkoku-ban
Strider Hiryu (Japan set 1)

Toaplan2 changes
Reverted the v-blank graphical handling back to MAME84 which
reduces slowdowns in the following games.....

Armed Police Batrider
Batsugun Special
Battle Bakraid
Battle Garrega
Grind Stormer / V-Five
Kingdom Grandprix / Shippu Mahou Daisakusen
Knuckle Bash
Knuckle Bash 2
Mahou Daisakusen / Sorcer Striker
Pipi & Bibis / Whoopee!!
Snow Bros 2
Teki Paki
Truxton II / Tatsujin II / Tatsujin Oh (Japan]

general fixes ad improvements
Added support for Dogyuun (8/25/1992 location test) to toaplan2 this version has full sound and music [arcadez]
Added Photo Y2K 2 Puzzli 2 and Puzzli 2 Super to the pgm driver [arcadez, IQ_132, Haze]
Switched Contra to use the HD6309 for the main CPU to get rid of slowdowns and fix a crash after 2nd enemy base [arcadez]
Backported a fix from later MAME which gets rid of sprites sticking on the screen in Contra [Kale, mahoneyt944]
Updated the romset for Pack N' Bang Bang to use the final released version rather than the unfinished prototype [arcadez]
Fixed missing commentary voices and correctly hooked up player 3 and 4 inputs for Rim Rockin Basketball [arcadez]
Fixed some graphical niggles and hooked up full sound and music for IREM's Atomic Boy / Wily Tower [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Fixed WWF Superstars bad sprites with some of Randy Macho Man Savage moves eg back suplex etc etc [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Hacked around some game breaking protection calls in Solomon's Key which could make levels unplayable [MAMEDEv, arcadez]
Added Maze Invaders Atari prototype to the centipede driver [MAMEDEv, arcadez]
Fixed some gfx niggles in Cannon Dancer / Osman eg some objects like the truck on the last level didn't move previously [MAMEDev, FBN, arcadez]

link (includes new romspack)


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