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I'm back, no longer a Windows user

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Hello, I'm back again.

I'm no longer a Windows user, I've switch to Arch Linux and Mac (M1).

Gaming on Linux has improved drastically, thanks to Valve, AppImage, Nix package manager and the open source emulation community.


Yes I got the decompiled version of the iOS version of Sonic.  I was able to play most of the Windows games on Steam on Linux.

I've been playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder on Yuzu it awesome.

No need to install drivers just to use things like the Wiimote and the Gamecube and PS4/5 controller, it awesome.  On Windows you have to install drivers with the risk of breaking the system.

I think Windows has been crap, the startup and shutdown is really quite bad compared to my clean Linux setup. My machine startup and shutdown in less than 5 seconds.

Anyway how are you guys doing? It's been awhile :D

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Welcome back, I wondered what had become of you.


Still using Windows because I didn't feel like going through the Linux learning curve. It's a pity that Microsoft have basically fucked up since Windows 10 came along. They could have had the whole world on Windows if they had done things properly and continued to support older versions. But what's done is done.

Using Windows 7 for most things, although this machine is Windows 10. The difference is obvious - the older versions can run for months or years without needing a reboot, but with Windows 10 you're lucky to get 2 days out of it before some bug or another shows up and you have to reboot to clear the condition.

Then there's Windows 11 which I don't use because none of my machines supports it and I didn't feel like shelling out for an inferior bloated system. Then there's rumours that Windows 12 will be some kind of stupid online subscription model - I certainly won't be going there.

I have no interest in online gaming or Valve/Steam etc, but I know many people do.

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To be fair there is a learning curve with Linux, I had to use Linux at work, so I got used to it, in fact I'm pretty hooked on it, especially with the terminal.


Oh, yeah I have heard about Windows 12, I'm not a fan of subscriptions, I'm not even subscribe to any streaming services, I moved to Linux not long after MS entertaining the idea of putting ads in File Explorer, I though that was creepy, make me wonder what else they are going to do next?

Windows upgrade can break the system, which rarely happens on Linux.

I'm not into online gaming neither, you don't need to use Steam to use Proton(Wine), Lutris is another application that make use of a community fork Proton-GE, I just tested it. It works quite well, I install the games from the repack.



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Maybe I've been lucky, never had a windows update break the system, although (particularly with windows 10) new bugs have appeared.

But windows isn't the only bad software - I've had trouble with Firefox bugs too, some are recent and some have been around for years and years.


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To be fair all software are likely to have undiscovered bugs!  All browsers are full of bugs.

The position Windows is in, they have to cater to legacy users, if they try to fix every bug and make it as stable as Unix it will break legacy software.

Here is an old article, it still mostly true. https://www.computerworld.com/article/2767536/why-windows-security-is-awful.html

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