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Get Your Dreamcast Online

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ok, for those of you who have broadband or a non dreamcast compatible Dialup ISP or no internet at all (how are you here?) or some other weird situation i can help you out


I have a list of about 15 working accounts that are fully PPP compliant and fully Dreamcast compatible, each account has a username, password, and Dialup number (you dont actually need to enter the DNS servers into your Dreamcast)


The dialup numbers are the numbers that came with it though, you will have to get the dialup numbers yourself, but its not that hard, i got them all for my area in a separate file, its easy to get them yourself, if the login name is BobJhonson@Cheese.net, then go to Cheese.net and look for your local dialup number, i was able to find them all for my area you should be able to also


these accounts are all for the US, or at least i think, i dont know anyone outsite of the US who will probably bother to test them there.


Anyway bottom line is


15 Free accounts, find your own access numbers (REALLY easy to do), And your have Free Dialup on your dreamcast, Pc, PS2, Hell anything that can go online with dialup!!!


If you want this list PM me, i wont just post it here because i dont want to get anyone in trouble, you cant prove what isnt there :lol:


If i PM you the list, you agree to the following


1.You didnt get it from me

2.your wont distribute it like crazy (they will probably shut the account down if this gets all over)


Happy gaming, Dreamcast onling....ing, and uhh internet browsing!! hehe




EDIT: Oh yeah, and if any mods have an issue with this, please let me know

Edited by Shibathedog

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If you are in the UK only, and are using Dreamkey 3.0, you can use these settings:


User Name:sega


Dial-up Telephone Number: 0845 6041482


These are Sega's default settings for users without their own ISP settings.


You will be charged local rates.



This is only intended for UK internet access through your Dreamcast!

Edited by BobRedthorp

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ah, and there we go!, i dont live in UK so i will only supply US stuff, (unless its games and stuff..., ill only supply things i can test, yeah..thats how to put it...)

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