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Raine 0.94.11, finally...


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Yes it's because it now keeps its parsing results, impoving a lot the speed to jump over code which is not executed.

I had planned to add some jump points to make it skip this code even faster, but after testing I found it's now useless, you don't even see any difference with that, and the code gets more complex, so I just didn't do it.

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1 hour ago, ffman1985 said:

I think only hidden script need to be closed in reset.

Also, sth about the optimazation by the start_script command:

Even I separate the vs mode script and practice mode script, (which only open the script during the mode is highlighted and press start), the misc % is almost unchanged……

In addition, I notice that if my laptop is set to the silent mode (slow mode) the misc % can be lower than that of when running in turbo mode for the same script.

Yeah I had the same kind of idea, that's the 1st thing I did after releasing 0.94.11, I added an option to have the profiler ignore the rdtsc whose reading is dependant on the cpu frequency, so if something changes your cpu frequency during gameplay it can ruin this kind of measurement.

I keep the option, it can be useful in windows where there are tools which change the frequency all the time, but in linux my frequency is quite stable and I get almost the same readings when using sdl2 instead of the rdtsc.

The setting is in gui options : profiler mode, you should set that to sdl2 performance counter if you want it to be independent of your cpu frequency.

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