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RPCS3 is a multi-platform open-source Sony PlayStation3 emulator and debugger for Windows, Linux, macOS and BSD. The purpose of the project is to completely and accurately emulate PlayStation3 with the power of open-source community and reverse engineering.


Latest changes:

  • Add SDL dependency to rpcs3 project;
  • Implement Multi-threaded PKG installation;
  • Fix read/read_at/write fs on Unix-like systems;
  • Restructure vk framebuffer loop barrier management;
  • Add some missing PCI IDs in vk;
  • Fix RSX logicOp behavior when blending is also active;
  • Implement PRX multi-referenced library management;
  • Propagate RSX surface format changes to shader ROP control;
  • Fix const RTV/DSV cast from texture cache
  • Update rpcs3-ci-bionic to 1.6

:: RPCS3 website
:: Emulator code on Github
:: Latest development builds
:: RPCS3 related news post at PSEmu.pl
:: More RPCS3 DevBuilds described at PSEmu.pl

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