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Raine 0.94.5, a very ancient new game, and some fixes...


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Yeah galaga after all this time, talked about adding it long ago, I didn't forget, it just took me very long to find the motivation. Read the details and how to have the explosion sound there :

It comes with an update to history.dat and hiscore.dat, which makes the archive slightly bigger than usual. There is also a cheat file.

except that : another fix for multiple cpu games which tend to hang (got the case with bublbobl, what a shame), I really hope it's the last time, it should. And another one for -nogui on the command line, when trying to load a neocd game (it worked with normal arcade games). This combination was probably not used by lots of people for sure. And a fix when taking screenshots from a window with an odd width (like 773), it could produce a very distorted image. I have no idea how my window reached such a width to produce this result, but at least it allowed me to fix one more bug !

And lots of improvement for the sound associations, new games supported, and improvements for quite a lot which were already supported, find the details in the forum if you are interested. There was also a fix for the automatic "skip silence" used for audio tracks which could eat the beginning of the actual track in some situations. (thanks to ffman1985 for all his tests and suggestions)

Find it there : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html

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