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galaga in raine...


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It was originally an idea from Stephh a long time ago, to see if the emulation could be faster on raine for a game like this one !

It took me years to find the motivation to do it, but I decided that finally it was more than time for that.
In the end it's a bad choice for a speed test because it's extremely sensitive to the nmi frequencies. Plus it's some old hardware, on modern hardware it's easy to emulate nowdays. Still these nmis gave me some trouble. In the end, it's still a nice game to have today, glad to have added it !

Ok, it's finished now, so the particularities of this driver :

 - in the original hardware there is a chip whose only purpose is to create the explosion sound, it's a kind of dsp on 4 bits, a rather complex chip if you want to emulate it accurately, all that just for a simple explosion sound ! Since I am not bent on accurate emulation and I prefer some simple code when I can add one, there are 2 ways to get an explosion sound in this driver, and none use this very special chip :

 - you can download a galaga explosion sample from anywhere, like there : https://freesound.org/people/SgtPepperArc360/sounds/341930/ (you need to be registered for that), then save the sample as "galaga_explode.wav" in raine directory (you can eventually convert it to mp3 or ogg to save space, the 3 formats are accepted).
 - or if you have the galaxian emudx sound file, it will take its explosion sample from there

 - if you have none of the above, you will just not hear any explosion sound, but you'll get all the other sound effects !

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