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Emulation is more than gaming, it's music too.


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I was thinking the other day of how much emulation is popular in other tech areas such as music production. There are so many famous hardware synthesizers that are emulated in software or plugin form for the most powerful DAWs (digital audio workstations as FL Studio, Logic, Ableton, etc.). How many of you guys produce music too? What would you think if 1Emulation started covering music production software that does the very thing I described?

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Oldtime creator since FL was barely known (Magix ruled with its glue together wavs formula), kinda lost interest since.

I dont know, this may be a bit too niche and easier to cover in a site, personal blog or youtube channel dedicaced to the subject. Suppliers of review units like synth makers and stores tend to prefer so as theres support groups simplifying the relations and pooling ressources and opportunities.

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