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Pcsxbox with CHD support (new)


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Hi guys, tabajara here...

I've a pcsxbox build that i have been working on for some months for my tests and personal use. It already have some nice features that i would like to share.


- 3 cores to select. 1.4, 1.5 plus and reloaded.

- 1.4 core. The fastest one. It uses the old gte and old counters code. Added 2 more recompiled opcodes in dynarec from 1.5 version to run even faster and included the xport fix for medievel for this dynarec.

- 1.5 Plus core. More compatible than 1.4 core. CDDA games support, new counters code.

- Reloaded core. Even more compatible than 1.5 core. CDDA games support, new counters and new GTE code.

- 2 NEW GPU Plugins. unaigpu-old from pcsx4all and unaigpu by senquack. They are faster than peops gpu most of time. Some games increase up to 7-8 fps. Savestates from peos gpu plugin are compatible with this 2 new plugins thanks to notaz from pcsx rearmed.

- bin/cue, z./z.table(pocket iso compression) and CHD support images.

- Added madmab fix for Codename tenka

- Front Mission 3 fix (leg 0 hp fix )for x86 dynarec in all cores.This fixes random crashes in 'Front Mission 3' battles: When a mech is
destroyed, especially from leg damage, the animation often caused a crash. Fix based on pcsx4all emulator by senquack


- CHD games works in all cores but CDDA games(Tomb Raider 1-2 for example) only works on 1.5 plus and reloaded core. As well CDDA games compressed to CHD.

- Don't expect miracles from the new gpu. It's faster but it still a software gpu (slower than a HW gpu). Some games have glitches that doesn't have in peops gpu. But some games have nice results. In my tests dino crisis 2, some mortal kombat games, megaman x series runs at full speed using the right settings as well other games.

- There's a new spu called fran spu around the code that i forgot to remove. It works and it's slight faster than peops spu. It's about 1-2 fps faster, but the sound output is not good and not compatible with peops spu savestate, so it's not recommended.

- There's a option in the cpu options called "Enable Bias Hack". This options brings a fps boost if the game dont use all the psx cpu power like 2d games and some 3d games. If this options is "ON" and the game is "psx cpu demanding", lags and slowndowns will appear.

- It uses the old xport Interface. Madmab edition interface is better and it have a lot more features-options, but unfortunately, when i started this project i was dumb and used the old xport UI code. It's possible to port to the new madmab interface but it require some time and work and i don't have it at moment, sorry.


Just a little update (and my last version), for my pcsxbox build

- Added cdrom code from the original pcsx 1.5 in the 1.4 core. It fixes the FMV for megamen x4 and x5 and maybe other games with no speed loss.

- Removed useless option that i forgot to remove "valkyrie profile battle fix" in the cpu options.

- Some clean in files-code.[/quote]







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