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Retroarch 1.7.7 Update (new release)


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Retroarch 1.7.7 Update for original xbox.

by tabajara02


i made a unofficial port of retroarch years ago called (Nintendo Edition).
I revisited this stuff again ( i don't know why LOL) adding more cores and improving the experience using retroarch on original xbox a little bit.
It's based on retroarch 1.7.7. It's a little old version but it have a lot of nice features.

Here some other interesting features, but there's more...

- Almost all retroarch common options on official 1.7.7 version are included like playlist, screenshots, savestates, indiviual core options, etc...
- Rgui background wallpaper support and it's already setup.
- Added background music support based on marty pcsx reloadex code to play wav files while browse games.
- 22 cores to select. Most of them are up to date and most works well.
- Overlay support. It can be used, for example, to simulate scanline effects to give retrovisual image using together with bilinear filter on.
- CHD support for cores like pcengine, supergrafx, genesis plus and pcfx.
- Genesis plus wide core included to play sega genesis in widescreen. Made some test and it plays nice with sonic 1 and 2 widescreen hacks.
- GPSP core. Full speed gba emulator with color correction option to improve gba games.
- MGBA core. Can be used to play some custom copy protection roms (Vast Fame unlicensed games).
- Gambatte core. GB, GBC emulator with over 200 color palettes to chose.

- Pcfx core is slow (playable only on trusty xbox).
- Can't load large neogeo games using fba-neogeo core. Virtual memory was only implemented on wii libretro version.
- It's recommended always make a playlist and loading the content from the created playlist to avoid crash-freeze problems loading the roms.
- Don't remove anything from system file.
- Some homebrew games and a playlist file are included and already setup to help how to make and use a playlist.
- Visit https://www.marcrobledo.com/retroarch-playlist-editor/ Just drop the roms on this link to create a playlist.

RGUI Controls:
X - confirm
A - Go Back/cancel
Y - For fullscreen screenshots while browsing games in playlist

In Game Controls:
Right thumbstick click - Go back to quick menu
White - Fastfoward

Feel free to test and play. Cheers.[/quote]







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Retroarch 1.7.7 Unofficial v2 for xbox update
by tabajara02


- Option to take in game screenshots is visible in quick menu and working now.

- Added macros in some configurations to make the things more particular for each core. Now
each core has his own retroarch.cfg, core.cfg, background wallpapers and other options.


- My last Retroarch unofficial version :(

- RGUI can only load low res wallpapers unfortunately. But it's the way the RGUI works.

- I having some trouble to make both screenshots and boxarts working together after exiting and loading the core again.
Only the screenshots loads for me, and the option to turn on the boxarts always goes back to off.
If someone knows how to make this option work in retroarch, please give me some help.

- Make a backup of your saves, playlists, screenshots,etc and replace all files-folders with the new files.[/quote]




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