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Raine 0.92.2


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Long post, and I am tired, I should return to bed, so I'll try to make this short, eventually details later.

1) the no output from testjoystick is because of the stupid redirection there is in cmd, here the output is on stderr, so you must do testjoystick 2> log, sorry I missed it, but maybe you won't need it.

2) I was able to reproduce your problem by accident, that is I remapped the directions for 1 pad in the inputs, and then while testing in game since everything worked correctly I tried the other pad, and the left direction was stuck. It happens only if :

1) using something which is not recognized as a game controller (you removed the mappings file, I forced the detection of my gamepad)
2) using the hat ingame while the inputs are using the stick 0 for the game in raine. In this very particular case, when you release the hat after having pressed it, the event is taken as the stick 0 going left.

Said otherwise : you can't mix the dpad and the stick 0 in the inputs if using something which is not a game controller, you must choose either one and stick to it.
Now I'll probably add something so that it doesn't happen again, I'll have to find another way to encode events for that, it happens because the sticks start at 0, and so the hats (which is the way they are numbered by the drivers and reported by sdl2), I should make them start at 1 in the encoding to avoid that, I'll do it later after sleeping a little more... !

But anyway if you map your controls correctly, it doesn't happen.
Now the way it works in the gui is simpler, the movement is recognized for any stick, and hats movements are translated as movement of stick 0 (even if you don't use a stick 0 on your controller). Normally there is auto-repeat for the hat or the joystick, I tested that with my pad recognized as a joystick, and moving in the gui using the hat or the joystick produces exactly the same thing, so don't know why the auto-repeat doesn't seem to work for you here. Ingame it can't translate the hat to stick 0 because stick 0 could be used for something else (when it's not a gamecontroller), so it interprets the hats directly, without translation. In sdl-1.2, it translated the hats ingame to a virtual stick which didn't exist in your gamepad to be sure there would be no conflict.

Anyway I am sure you can fix that by fixing the inputs for the game, if no "stick 0" appears anywhere for this joystick when using the hat it will work.
I'll update things with the new encoding later, but in this case it will have to erase all the joystick configs in the config files for the next version !

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About the mappings and the game controllers : they are handy, you know which button is which, you can assign what to do with the dpad, but I think they are not worth asking people to make a mapping just for that. In the next version released very soon now you'll have better defaults in case your controller is recognized or you have a mapping for that, but otherwise you'll be able to fix what you want in the controls. The only thing you can't do if you have an unknown gamepad is assign the dpad to movement like the main stick at the same time, it can't be done since we don't know what is what in this case, so you have to choose. I think I'll just leave things as they are, those who want to create a mapping and send it can do it, the others will do with what there is...


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