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Raine 0.91.20


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2 hours ago, Augusto said:

Using Raine current version 32 bits.

Neo Geo Gururin have wrong aspect ratio and graphics issues.

Neo Geo Cup 98, Super Side Kicks 2 and 3 , The Ultimate 11 have graphics issues in gameplay in field in low screen region. Both 32 and 64 versions have that issue, but in 32 bits are few lines with graphics issues and 64 bits the graphics issues are in much more lines.

These are rasters glitches, which are really hard to fix, and since I find these games uninteresting, motivation is super low...

But this is open source, anybody can fix things and send patches, I'll accept them !

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Hey Tux! It's good to see you're back to updating Raine! 🤩

When doing some tests with the 32 bits 0.91.20 version I came across the 32 bits DLL packages in the downloads page. Which should I download, the 0.90 or the 0.91.7? This "7" in 0.91.7 can be a little misleading. One may think it's only valid for the previous Raine 0.91.7 release, which was my case, and so I downloaded the 0.90 package and realized it didn't work. Maybe you could make it clearer which package people should download, especially ones that are new to trying Raine? 👍

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