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NestopiaX '21 (new update)


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NestopiaX '21
by XtecuterX73

NES/FDS emulator for xbox.

[quote]Welcome to the re-branded NestopiaX '21! Due to the sheer amount of fixes,tweaks and improvements over the past decade the name has been changed.Included are many changes, fixes and a few features.[/quote]

[quote]1.) Added support for MMC3 Big CHR-RAM Board (Rdanbrook)

2.) Updated VRC-7 instrument dump (NUKE.YTK)

3.) Added emulation of the upper bits of registers 5103 and 5102 MMC3

4.) Added support for Mapper 30 (Mystic searches, Troll burner) (retro-wertz)

5.) Added support for Mapper 28 (Twin Dragons) (retro-wertz)

6.) Added support and improve MMC5 emulation accuracy for Sim City Nes Prototype (Rupert Carmichael)

7.) Added support for Mapper 31 INLNSF

8.) Added option to Boost nes sound emulation. Can be found in sound options menu

9.) Pass test: apu-reset/len/ctrs enabled (Rupert Carmichael)

10.) Pass test: blargg_ppu_tests_2005.09.15b/power_up_palette (Rupert Carmichael)

11.) Correctly implement opcodes 9C and 9E (Rupert Carmichael)

12.) Correctly count cycles and write correct value to 0x4017 on soft reset (Rupert Carmichael)

13.)Tweak hard reset cycle timing (Rupert Carmichael)

14.) Fix mapper 71 Behavior (Rupert Carmichael)

15.) Implement full behaviour of Mapper 156 - fixes Janggun-ui Adeul/General's Son (Rupert Carmichael)

16.)Handle correct SOROM Reset and Save/Load behaviour - fixes saving in Genghis Khan, Nobunaga's Ambition, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. (Rupert Carmichael)

17.) Correct FDS IRQ behavior. ALL KNOWN FDS GAMES NOW WORKING. (Rupert Carmichael)

18.) Implement correct VRC2a CHR bank selection (Rdanbrook, Rupert Carmichael)

19.) Improvements to Tengen Rambo Mapper emulation (fixes shinobi, skull and crossbones shaking screens) (Rupert Carmichael)

20.) Implement mirroring for UNL-KOF97 - Fixes boogerman II (Rupert Carmichael)

21.) Implement Mapper 307/KS7037 Metroid FDS Conversion (Rupert Carmichael)

22.) Implement Mapper 306/KS7016 Exciting Basket FDS Conversion (Rupert Carmichael)

23.) Added the toggle for Saturation from the PC NEstopia port. Can be found in NTSC filter options for now.

24.) other fixes/emulation tweaks/xbox side fixes/code cleanup i forgot, eh!?[/quote]




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try this version of retroarch,it has both the fceumm core and pocketnes core.


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