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Updated the history.dat in extras section


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Couldn't sleep this night so I did that. Since they write the age instead of the release date of the games it's a good idea to do this once a year, and this time their file is xml, so it's even a better idea to convert it to raine, it's much smaller, and still in history.dat format here.

Anyway if you like this kind of info you can get the update, history-raine-2.28.7z

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Oops, sorry I didn't notice their xml files now contained "htmlized" characters like ".

It's fixed, and re-uploaded, same version, same name, the file inside the archive is dated February 6th.

tnzsb becomes tnzs in next version of raine, to follow the name used in this history file, originally it was already called tnzs but mame decided to call it tnzsb before changing their mind again... !!!! argh !!!!
Anyway... !

Notice that a few entries use japanese characters to display the name of the game (koshien for example), you might need to replace Vera.ttf in raine's fonts directory by a font with japanese characters inside, which are much bigger so I will probably avoid to ship one of these fonts directly with raine.

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