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AES games with Launchbox


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I'm trying to launch Neo Geo AES roms with launchbox, but Raine always want to load .iso files with the NeoCD bios, then crash.

When I open Raine and load a rom manually, all works, but with launchbox it's not the same story.

Any idea of how to force Raine to load rom files with launchbox?

Start Screen.png

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I don't know launchbox, what I can say : if you pass the rom file on the command line, it will be seen as a zip file for neocd, which you don't want here.

The correct way is to pass the game name on the command line, not the zip file.

for aes/mvs, notice you can switch most neogeo games between the 2 if you use something like the unibios, there is a shortcut when you boot the game to decide if you want to boot it in aes or mvs, but anyway... !

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Ho, works perfectly now. Ty mate.
Just two tips are needed:

- First one : launchbox language must be set in English (strange bug)
- Second : There is an option named "Use file name only without file extension or folder path" and it need to be marked.

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