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The linux binaries are online !


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So it's for arch although a tar.xz should be usable by anyone who is not afraid of shared libraries error messages.
Feed back is welcome, the PKGBUILD file is so convenient for me that I wonder if I shouldn't just remove entirely the tar.xz files and keep just that, so post there if the tar.xz files are useful for you.
The PKGBUILD is inspired by the version in Aur, with modifications for the latest version instead of the old 0.64.16, optimize for pentium3 for the 32 bits version, and use -O3 for gcc, so thanks to the original author, it made this easier.
Oh, and it's actually 0.91.5, when the windows version is 0.91.4, but the only changes except the title bar of the window which now contains the version number are changes to the makefile to correctly install everything in linux.

Also this version does not contain the blend files, history.dat or hiscores.dat, so you might want to visit the extras section to get the relevant files if you are interested (I might remove the blend files from the windows version, I added them because they are not big, but it creates small graphical glitches sometimes so it's probably better to let them for those who know what they are doing). All the data files can be installed either in ~/.raine or /usr/share/raine.

It's in the usual download page, bottom of the page, there :

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I have just taken some time to look into an appimage : that's a way to bundle some libs with an executable, for linux, similar to osx packages.

The advantage : to be able to run it on any system without installing any shared lib since they are already in the package.

The idea is interesting, but for raine there are 2 problems :
1) the small package becomes very big with that, for the 32 bits package without libX11, libc and libstdc++, it's still 25 Mb ! With these 3, 32 Mb ! Very far from the usual 2 Mb !
2) The target system would still need to be able to run 32 bits binaries, so have the basic libs + the dynamic loader installed, it's an endless headache to try to have this packaged in an appimage, with a lot of effort I could run the binary, but it could not open a graphical window !

So it was fun to try, but I don't think it's interesting for raine. If 32 bits apps are a problem, just install the 64 bits one, it should be easier to execute anywhere... Even if it uses quite a lot of shared libs now, these are still very standard and easy to find libs, so these appimages seem too much here.

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