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Unicode for french version


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Yeah it's not a font problem, at least I don't think so, it happens only in windows, encoding problem probably but not obvious.

I avoid the french version and use the english one, but I guess I should look into it...

Ok, it's "fixed", that is, apparently windows doesn't support any utf8, I am so used that mingw brings compatibility with linux that I didn't notice, they convert utf8 strings to latin1 so that they can be displayed by this nonsense of an os !

So I just removed utf8 support for windows, and it fixes this bug !

Windows is just too stupid, ad-ridden and barely usable, but it's fixed anyway !

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Ok, reuploaded the 0.91.2 windows binaries just for this fix, it's the only thing changed inside, not worth increasing the version number, but worth releasing it anyway. Make sure your browser cache is cleared (by restarting it since last time you downloaded it, it should be enough), and download it again, it should be ok this time.

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