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DevilutionX/Diablo Port v1.0 (new release)

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DevilutionX/Diablo Port v1.0
by marty


DevilutionX is a port of Devilution to the xbox by marty. Devolution allows Diablo to be played on multiple platforms.



Left analog or D-Pad: move hero

A: select spell, back while in menus

B: attack nearby enemies, talk to townspeople and merchants, pickup/place items in the inventory, OK while in main menu

X: cast spell, delete character while in main menu

Y: pickup items, open nearby chests and doors, use item in the inventory

Black: use health item from belt

White: use mana potion from belt

L Trigger: character sheet (alt: Start + L Trigger or ←)

R Trigger: inventory (alt: Start + Black or →)

Left analog click: toggle automap (alt: Start + ↓)

Start + Back: game menu (alt: Start + ↑)

Back + A/B/X/Y: Spell hotkeys

Right analog: move automap or simulate mouse

Right analog click: left mouse click (alt: Back + L Trigger)

Back + Right analog click: right mouse click (alt: Back + R Trigger)

Back + Black: quest log (alt: Start + X)

Back + White: spell book (alt: Start + A)



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