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neogeo cd boot screen?


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You mean the one with a cd flying on the screen with the neogeo logo, not the loading animation ? it's totally avoided, you'll see it only in error cases or "gray areas".

On games which have an exit option in their menu, like metal slug, choose exit, then on the cd interface which appears, memory, and then last choice on the menu, : end

you'll see it, but in the end it will return to the cd interface and you'll be stuck here, need f1 to reboot the game or load another one.

The reason it's not displayed in the normal behavior of the emu is because cd access is supposed to work through an irq which is not emulated in raine, we just call directly the cd functions when we need them. I learned only very late about this irq, but emulating it now would make a lot of things much harder like all the different cd formats supported in raine, so it will stay as it is now, even if it means the cd interface doesn't work...

edit : a more direct way to see it, in raine neocd/neogeo options / exit to : choose neogeo logo, then you'll get the animation as soon as you choose exit in metal slug or any other game with an exit command.

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thanks for the detailed info! 

Yes I was referring to the boot screen, the cd flying with the neogeo logo on CDZ, or the similar one on the regular top loading  unit. 

I thought i was missing some configuration, but as I see it now its not implemented so no wonder :) 

By the way, I'm having a small sync issue with crt emudriver from Calamity and Raine (I play on an arcade machine at 15khz) when using super resolutions. Are you aware if there are any improvements to vsync ongoing? 

I can see that for instance in horizontal scrolling games, Metal Slug for example the backgrounds are like 1 line out of sync which makes the scrolling not 100% fluent. It's a very very (almost unnoticeable) issue but just wondering if this is already known.

Thanks a lot once more for your great work!



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As said on the topic about vsync, all this is supposed to be handled by sdl. As a matter of fact, they just gave up on sdl 1.2,  redid it entierly but completely differently and called that sdl2. As it is now, it's really too much trouble to switch to sdl2, too many things are totally incompatible and should be rewritten for that, plus I don't have any hardware to test this, so don't expect any change on this side !

Too bad, I know, but I can't do everything alone... !

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