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MADrigalX v1.0 (new update)


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MADrigalX v1.0
by hcf


This is a huge improvement of the MADrigalX emulator for Xbox!

It has a beautiful user interface designed and created by Luca "MADrigal" Antignano (thanks, Luca!). It also has a huge optimization that makes almost all the games playable at full speed, even with zoom mode enabled! 54 out of the 59 games run at full speed now!

what is new
* Amazing user interface designed by Luca "MADrigal" Antignano (thanks, Luca!)

* Huge optimization that makes almost all the games playable at full speed, even with zoom mode enabled!

* Fixed some bugs in gameplay, and in highscores saving. Now highscores will be properly saved.

* Special zoom modes for some 2-screen games.

* Fixed problems with the controls that existed in a few 2-screens games, like Donkey Kong (Nintendo, Multi Screen) or Donkey Kong II (Nintendo, Multi Screen). These games are playable now too.

Each game has different controls, because each machine has different buttons. If you keep pressed the START button, you will see a help window with the key mapping for the game that you are playing to.

In a lot of games, the LEFT and RIGHT TRIGGERS are mapped to the "Game A" and "Game B" buttons. So, to start playing you should press the LEFT trigger (easy game) or the RIGHT trigger (difficult game). A few games have different controls though, and you can always see them pressing START.

Besides, if you press BACK you will toggle the ZOOM mode, making the screen larger. Please, be informed that zoom mode is experimental.

If you simmultaneously press START+BACK, you will exit from the game.

known issues
* There are a few games that are still not playable: Chicky Woggy, Crazy Chewy, Donkey Angler and Pac Man.

* The "zoom" functionality is still working bad in a few games.

* The coconut doesn't work well in the "Donkey Kong Jr (Panorama version)". This is not important because you can play the Coleco version, that is basically the same and works well ;)

* A few games rarely crash when booting. If this happens, please re-launch the emulator and run the game again.

These issues will hopefull been fixed in later updates.

Big thanks to Luca "MADrigal" Antignano for developing these awesome simulators and giving permission to make this possible, and also for his huge support with the rom list interface.

Besides, big thanks to Andre Leiradella (twitter handle: @leiradel) for his incredible work converting those simulators to Lua and creating the libretro core to run them.

Also big thanks to the Libretro team for caring about generic emulation for everybody!

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