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NestopiaX 2.2 (new update)


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NestopiaX 2.2
by XtecuterX73


This is a another HUGE core and compatibility update to nestopiax which also adds more gui options! Taken straight from the readme:

1.) Added the ability to set the ram power on state of the emulated NES. This affects games like River City Ransom's start up enemies and other games. By default a real NES used random values to flush into ram on startup. Nestopia still defaults to 0XFF. To toggle the settings, go into general options while in game and set the state to random and reset to hard and Nestopia will flush ram like a real NES did after resetting.

2.) Added the option to emulate the famicom Mic. Most famicom and FDS games did not utilize the mic but some games like the zelda FDS version utilized the mic to kill pols voice. The option can be found in controller options in general settings. You can set the simulation of the noise of the mic to the xbox dpad. Press it repeatedly to simulate sound into the mic.

3.) Added support for the Bandai Hypershot for games like space shadow. It is integrated with the lightgun support, so set controller 1 to gamepad and controller 2 to lightgun. Button a on the xbox dpad is to shoot, and B moves the character forward after killing an alien. Button b also throws a grenade while fighting an alien. This will be cleaned up in the future but for now, Bandai Hypershot games are now playable on xbox.

Note: Lightgun games are not compatible with the NTSC filter.

4.) Correct and accurate emulation of the MC-ACC mapper. Games like Mickeys safari in letterland and others now play accurately.

5.) Lutter FDS Was freezing, fixed!

6.) Blaster master pimp your ride was not working correctly, FIXED!

7.) Core and Xbox side code cleanup

8.) Added partial support for mapper 168 - Racermate Challenge II

9.) Added support for mapper 162 - Zelda Triforce of the gods pirate and translation now work

10.) Added support for Board KS-7031 Dracula II FDS conversion works (perilsensitive)

11.) Added support for mapper 190 - Magic Kid goo goo now works

12.) Added support for Kaiser unif board 7012 Zanac FDS conversion

13.) Added support for Highway Star FDS conversion

14.) Fixed Resident Evil Nes translation (now saves and plays correctly)

15.) Added support for Getsufuu Maden Translation

15.) Updated the Database.xml file with TONS of new games and fixes. Please overwrite the current database.xml with the new one. The following games now work:

1.)B-Wings (Eng-Trans, Stardust Crusaders, 1.0)
2.)Added entry for scrambled screen on some Arkanoid II roms
3.)Crisis force (sample prototype)
4.)FIFA International 2 '96
5.)Crisis Force (Eng-Trans, Stardust Crusaders, 1.0)
6.)Contra (Sample prototype)
7.)Contra (Eng-Trans, Stardust Crusaders, 1.01
8.)Keisan Game - Sansuu 2 Toshi (Eng-Trans, Pikachumanson, 1.0)
9.)Ganbare Goemon Gaiden (Eng-Trans, Adventurous Translations, 0.99c)
10.)Wai Wai World I (Eng-Trans, Dylan Robley, 1.0)
11.)I'm Kid Dracula (Eng-Trans, Vice Translations, 1.04)
12.)Parodius - From Myth to Laughter (Eng-Trans, Stardust Crusaders, 1.0)
13.)Twinbee 3 prototype
14.)Puzzle prototype (was garbled)
15.) Others i forgot :/


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i have a new link to my forst post with a reupload of this emulator.

if you have already downloaded this emulator then you should redownload from the new link i have provided as there was an issue with the initial release.

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Hi im new here in this site, the emulator is great in every aspects but i have a issue (i dont know if this is the correct site) the issue is the following:

- The game sound sets to -2100 automatic.

I tried to restart the emulator, set game configuration by default, delete sfx from Nestopia folder and nothing

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I deleted the entire Nestopiax 2.2 folder from F and it work just deleting it, but its necessary to delete it everytime to Fix it?


I was playing the Addams Family saving in differents spots and suddendly the sound dissapeared i checked the sound game configuration, it had the sound volume set to -2100


Thank you for replying and thank you for this emulator :)

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must be a bug then in the code,maybe it is related to the multiple saves you are making?

the is also another nes emulator for xbox called Mednafenx-nes.

you can download it here.


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