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MessoXtras v0.6 (new update)


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MessoXtras v0.6
by hcf


This is an update of the MESS multi-emulator for Xbox.

IMPORTANT: If you had a previous version of MessoXtras installed in your Xbox and you want to keep the configuration files (for example the controller configurations that you have defined), do a backup of your folders "ini" and "cfg", install the new MessoXtras, and then replace the "ini" and "cfg" folders with your old folders (MessoXtras comes with generic configuration files, but you may want to keep your customized ones). Also, the "sta" folder contains your savestates, and you may also want to keep it. All the other files and folders can be overwritten with the new MessoXtras.

What is new
* New supported systems: Apple Macintosh Plus (hard disk images), Microbee 16 Standard, Microbee PC85 Premium, Microkey Primo B-64, Tomy Tutor, VTech Creativision

* Speed improved (less slowdowns now)

* Launching a game with the X button, we create an individual configuration file for that game (in the old version, configuration files were made for each system). With this trick, all the keyboard-based systems are playable even if you don't have a keyboard, because you can assign different button configurations per game.

* Now you can have your roms in DVDs, to save hard disk space (for example, you can save your favorite Philips CDi games in a DVD recorded in UDF format, in a folder named D:\roms\cdimono1, and then select this media with the white button in the rom selection menu).

* After you exit from a game, the menu will return to the previously selected system and rom.

* Fixed a bug in the Philips CDi emulation: now the game "The Apprentice" works!!

* All the games are included and playable in the Socrates Educational Video System (in the old release, only the basic BIOS games were available).


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