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RuXia 2018 (new update)


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RuXia 2018
by hcf




"RuXia 2018" is an update of my old game "BraXil 2014" for Xbox. It has been updated with the teams, rosters and logos of the upcoming Russia 2018 World Cup, so now we can play the Soccer World Cup in our Xbox

You will be able to choose the teams of the real Russia 2018 World Cup, and play with its real player names.... in a retro style. The development of the tournament is the same than the real World Cup: in the first round, your team is in a group of 4 teams, you must play with all them and you must finish in the top-2 places to advance to the second round (the knockout). If you manage to qualify, you will face a series of knockout matches with the rest of surviving teams, in your road to the final match.

game modes
When you press the A-button in the main screen, a menu is prompted and you can select one of 3 game modes:

1) World Cup: This is the main game. Choose a team, and play a simulation of the Russia 2018 Soccer World Cup.

2) Exhibition: A single match. Choose your team, choose an opponent, and play a soccer match.

3) Penalty shoot-out: A penalty shoot-out serie. Choose your team, choose your opponent, and play a serie of 5 penalty shoots each one (plus a sudden-death if the first serie ends in a tie).

game modes
During the game:

D-pad: Moves the player of your team that is closest to the ball.

A-button: Strong flat shoot (use this to shoot to goal, or make long passes)

B-button: Weak flat shoot (use this to make short passes)

X-button: High shoot. The more time you keep pushed the button, the higher the ball will go. There is a maximum high, determined by the Strength value of the player who is shooting. Also, the distance advanced by the ball is determined by the time that you press the button too, so this shoot is the best choice if you want to make a precise pass.

Advanced technique: if you tap the X-button when your player has the ball, he will kick a short self-pass. This can be usefull to control the ball and avoid opponents.

START-button: It pauses the gameplay and gives the chance to quit the current game. If you do so, your progress in the current tournament will be lost.

In the menus:

D-pad: Move the cursor to make a selection (if available)

A-button: Select/Accept/Continue

START-button: It gives the chance to quit the current game to the Title screen. If you do so, your progress in the current tournament will be lost.

Besides, if you press WHITE+BLACK in the Title screen, you will have the chance to quit the game and exit to the dashboard.

read the full readme for more info

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