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Please enable overlays !


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Please can you add an artwork option (working with shaders) like Mess or MAME ? Love playing Samurai Spirits RPG and RAINE is the best NeoCD emulator and i want to play like... this :





This is a Mess screenshot but this game has "scratchy" sounds when you are on the map, out of villages (with Mess and his CHD file). No problem with RAINE which is really the best for NeoCD emulation. But... as show in this picture, really love to play with this overlay, no with black borders.


Please help :wink:

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Not that easy to do. I'd prefer to update the gui first so that it can be displayed with opengl, currently it can't, it has to change the video mode when going back/from the gui, and it creates problems.

Anyway yeah this thing should be updated too, eventually !

But these art files are more for vertical games where there are huge black borders, shoot'em ups usually, here it was never a problem for me.

I am sure you can get used to this ! :)

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