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RetroArch-XBOX-1.7.1 (new update)


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People always keep insisting that us supporting ancient compilers like Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 is pointless. Well, in this case it allowed for the long-dormant RetroArch Xbox OG version to be resurrected rather effortlessly. And we were able to write a Direct3D 8 video driver as well which works for both PC as well as Xbox OG.

The Xbox OG port is now more in lock-step with official mainline than ever. It no longer uses some proprietary hokey menu system but it just uses RGUI as the default. I could have included XMB as well, but we still have some work left to do in terms of making sure we can render text with Direct3D8 instead of relying on D3DX, and there were still some texture-related UV issues, so that factored into our decision to only go with RGUI for now.

Right out of the gate, there are 21 cores available for the Xbox version, far more than in any other time period of its lifecycle.

Other noteworthy features – it now supports overlays.

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