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MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.183 released


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HBMAME 0.183 has been released.





What's new in HBMAME



2017-03-01 0.183



- kizunaeh set name was corrected to kizunab, and the correct kizunaeh added.

- corrected the parent of ragnagrdeh



New Working Games


- [deathstar] Death Star (by Stefano Bodrato)

- [fswordsb1] Fighters Swords (Boss Hack v1.0)

- [fswordsb2] Fighters Swords (Boss Hack v2.0)

- [fswordsbf] Fighters Swords (Boss Hack v1.0f)

- [kizunaeh] Kizuna Encounter (Easy Moves hack by 007325 2009-02-23)

- [lbd] Last Blade (Boss hack by Creamymami/Kurouri/Wesker/Ydmis)

- [lbsk] Last Blade Special Moves Revision Final (EGCG)

- [lb2bh] Last Blade 2 (Boss Easy Moves hack by 007325 2009-03-06)

- [lb2uh] Last Blade 2 (Yano's Ultimate hack)

- [lresortpx] Last Resort (Plus Max hack by Xyahzhs)

- [maglordpx] Magician Lord (Plus Max hack by Xyahzhs)

- [matrimbh] Matrimelee (Boss hack by Creamymami (EGCG))

- [ncombatpk] Ninja Combat (Plus hack by Krizal chen (Dsght))

- [ncommandsp] Ninja Commando (Super Plus hack by e107 2009-08-16)

- [ninjamasasp] Ninja Master's (Plus Remixed by ZKW)

- [ninjamaschl] Ninja Master's (Hack by CHL)

- [ninjamashb] Ninja Master's (Happy Batter Edition hack by 007325 2009-09-09)

- [nitdpx] Nightmare in the Dark (Plus Max hack by Xyahzhs)

- [preisle2px] Prehistoric Isle 2 (Plus Max hack by Xyahzhs)

- [ragnagrdbe] Operation Ragnagard (Easy Moves hack)

- [ragnagrdbs] Operation Ragnagard (Boss hack by Yumeji)

- [ragnagrdsb] Operation Ragnagard (Super Boss Easy Moves hack by Lichenzhao 2009-11-16)

- [rotdbh] Rage of the Dragons (Boss hack by Dodowang)

- [s1945peh] Strikers 1945 Plus (Super Shot hack by KrysoFun)

- [s1945ph] Strikers 1945 Plus (Ascender P55 hack by Yumeji)

- [samshos1] Samurai Shodown (Special v0.1 2005-09-19)

- [samshozk] Samurai Shodown (Hack by Zuojie, Kof1996 2008-10-23)

- [samsho2emb] Samurai Shodown II (Easy Move hack by Blackheart 2009-08-11)

- [samsho2hy] Samurai Shodown II (Boss hack by Yashional)

- [samsho2mb] Samurai Shodown II (Moves hack by Blackheart 2009-08-03)

- [samsho2q] Samurai Shodown II (Soul Q Version v1.0)

- [samsho2s2] Samurai Shodown II (Special v0.12 2008-08-26)

- [samsho2zk] Samurai Shodown II (Hack by Zuojie, Kof1996 2008-10-23)

- [samsho3s2] Samurai Shodown III (Special v0.12 2008-09-01)

- [samsho3ss] Samurai Shodown III (Special v0.1 2005-09-19)

- [samsho3zk] Samurai Shodown III (Hack by Zuojie, Kof1996 2008-10-23)

- [samsho4mb] Samurai Shodown IV (Moves hack by Blackheart 2009-08-05)

- [samsho4pm] Samurai Shodown IV (Power Max hack by Pipi899 2009-06-16)

- [samsho4s2] Samurai Shodown IV (Special v0.12 2008-09-01)

- [samsho4zk] Samurai Shodown IV (Hack by Zuojie, Kof1996 2008-10-23)

- [samsho5ba] Samurai Shodown V (Boss hack alternate set)

- [samsho5bh] Samurai Shodown V (Boss hack by Dodowang)

- [samsho5ge] Samurai Shodown V (Genjuro Evil Edition hack by Shiro)

- [samsho5s2] Samurai Shodown V (Special v0.12 2008-08-26)

- [samsho5zk] Samurai Shodown V (Hack by Zuojie, Kof1996 2008-10-23)

- [savagereb] Savage Reign (Boss hack by Yumeji/Dodowang)

- [sdodgebp] Super Dodge Ball (Power hack by Blackheart 2009-09-02)

- [sengoku3eh] Sengoku 3 (Evolution Special hack)

- [sengoku3s] Sengoku 3 (Evolution v1.0 hack by Sjx (FCHT))

- [snakes] Snakes (by Stefano Bodrato)

- [svccprw] SvC Chaos (Plus Remix v2.0 hack by Wesker)

- [svcee] SvC Chaos (Hack by Ethen.H(EGHT) 2008-01-21)

- [svcg] SvC Chaos (Boss Special Kyo Green Edition)

- [svch2] SvC Chaos (Remix v1.1 by chbandy)

- [svcice] SvC Chaos (Ice Edition)

- [svclspc] SvC Chaos (Pink Edition)

- [svcnh] SvC Chaos (Like PS2 Version old)

- [svcplusg] SvC Chaos (Plus Special)

- [svcplusp] SvC Chaos (Plus Purple Fire hack by Kawada7278 set 1)

- [svcplusp2] SvC Chaos (Plus Purple Fire hack by Kawada7278 set 2)

- [svcryu] SvC Chaos (Ryu BT Revision hack by Gordon)

- [svcspjoy] SvC Chaos (Super Plus Joy Modified hack by Wesker/Jason/K3)

- [svcstdse] SvC Chaos (Subdue the Dragon Super Edition)

- [svcxlb] SvC Chaos (Knife Millennium Turbidity v1.0 hack by Lb70)

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