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Recent nvidia drivers broken for raine shaders !


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At least the february and the march versions are broken in windows.

I know that at least the 355.60 version from august 2015 works fine, there are probably some others which work fine too.

If you upgrade your nvidia driver to one of these recent versions and you get a black screen when using a shader, don't complain here !

I guess nvidia will probably fix this soon anyway !


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tous les shaders, hlsl/glsl/vertrex/cg etc fonctionnent parfaitement sous dolphin/higan/bsnes(=shaders de raine, les memes)/mame/etc, même si c'est les pilotes qui ont changé c'est possible je doute qu'ils soient "cassés", ils ont du changer la méthode d'application, cela ne doit pas être grand chose mais il faudra regarder dans les outils de dev de nvidia surement.






Translation: All shaders GLSL / GLSL / vertex / cg etc. work perfectly in dolphin / higan / bsnes (= shader Slots, the same) / mame / etc, even if it's the drivers that have changed I doubt that's possible they are "broken", they had to change the method of application, this should not be much, but it will look in the dev tools nvidia surely.

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Yeah yeah I don't use the same method to apply shaders, I don't use frame buffers at all. They are broken for the old method anyway since it worked before even with ati cards, so I guess it will be fixed eventually.

Sorry I don't plan to convert the shader system to frame buffers, if someone wants to do it, I'll be glad to apply the patch ! :-)


Even if raine accept the shaders from bsnes, it isn't the same code at all to process them, not even slightly, I rewrote everything from scratch.

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Yeah, I reported this some time ago. Don't know what happened to the nvidia's drivers.


I love Raine, but it's difficult to play on a hdtv or monitor without shaders.


Is there a way to at least use normal blitz with HQ2X/3X in fullscreen?

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