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  1. Yeah, I reported this some time ago. Don't know what happened to the nvidia's drivers. I love Raine, but it's difficult to play on a hdtv or monitor without shaders. Is there a way to at least use normal blitz with HQ2X/3X in fullscreen?
  2. Thanks. However updating my video drivers is what caused it. I just confirmed it on my notebook and desktop. Is it a problem with OpenGL 4.5? Or the new 359.xx nvidia drivers? Or even Windows 10? I have not this problem using opengl shaders in other emulators though.
  3. Somehow after I updated to Windows 10, most of the OpenGL shaders are fuzzy or show a black screen. The only working are simple scaler and scanline. Is it a problem on my PC or Win10? How can I get to work? Selecting Normal Blits I can get HQ2X/3X but the screen is not full, it's a little square at the center. Can it be possible to strech to fill the screen an maintain 4:3? I don't know if it's a bug, but even when using win8 + fullscreen in OpenGL, when I pressed ESC the menu just wouldn't show up, like the screen freezes.
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