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Hosea prophecy from the bible.


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Bible thumpers.


Have you seen the stuff thats come true from the bible in the past few years?

The odds are huge for even a handful of them to come to pass.

Even if you look at it logically and with no spiritual air, it still predicts stuff.


Stock market crash this year for sure, nation shall rise against nation, kingdom against kindgdom.

matthew 24.

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-1% Normal.

-2% People getting fired if it happens again.

-3-4% This is interesting (look out of window to see stock brokers leaping out of windows)

-5-7% Somethings coming.

-8-12% Hide under bed, relocate to rural area, pray without ceasing.



Baltic dry drops below 400 for the first time.



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Dont you have enough to worry about than getting yourself worked up over nothing?


No my dear Bambi.

When you dream the dreams i have dreamed, seen the things I've seen, felt the things I've felt.

Its happened before "the end is nigh" n all that, truly I say to you all this year you will see.

The end? I dont know, but things are moving, shaking.


Read the book heaven is for real!


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