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"Not a valid Win32 application" message. Dll libraries missing?


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Raine runs on desktop PC fine.

Recently I decided to use Raine on the laptop as well.


On the laptop I had used the older Neoraine versions and they do run fine. Hadnt upgraded the application ever since.

But with new Raine I get a "Not a valid Win32 application" message,

Same OS (Windows 7 64-bit)


To be certain that laptop has not any issues, I tried it on a another PC with clean Windows 8 installed and got the same message.

Is there any Microsoft library Raine needs to be present in order to run? Desktop obviously has it but I do not know which.



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When it's a missing dll you see a message with the name of the missing dll if I remember correctly.

Try to google the exact message you are getting, if it's really a missing dll they should tell you how to get the missing dll name, but I doubt that's the cause here...

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Just the "not a Win32 application" message appeared. I assumed a missing library was the issue, eg like VC

Also the raine32.exe icon was blank (default blue-gray color) instead of the Bubble Bobble sprite.

Problem appeared two weeks ago and I hadnt tested it ever since.


Now that I unzipped the file to a new Raine folder, icon appeared fine and Raine launched. Strange.

Windows occasionally does those whims...I hadnt touched anything.

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