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Sprite viewer cannot change palette

Iron Tiger

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I am at my wits end.


I've been searching all around the net for information about this and have ended up in this forum. I'm currently ripping sprites for a game called Crossed Swords II and some of those sprites end up getting shrunk in game. I figured there was not much I could do until I discovered the Sprite Viewer option. However, even though all the sprites are shown and I can scroll through all of them, I can't change the colors. I tried every button and every combination I could think of but I can't change the color palette at all. Is there no way to change the colors of the Sprite Viewer?

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Hum, not really !

It was used mainly to check texts in sprites. It's very hard to have the corresponding palette, in most games it is dynamic and can change at any time.

Plus a sprite can use any bank in the palette, which adds to the complexity !


I'd say for that the best option is to modify the source so that it displays the sprites like what you want so that you can rip them.

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