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Coinops 7 Standalone (new release)


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CoinOPS 7
by britneyspairs

CoinOPS 7 rebranded, optimised and polished....100s of tweaks....more playable games...more graphic and sound fixes....more scanlines....faster, smoother and more video folders....and now with a Showcase launcher....

3 link download
2 links at 150mb and 1 link at 149mb




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Is this a replacement or just an addon for the coinops R16 update?


Wondering because I would like to reinstall the whole thing from scratch.

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well seeing as its the standalone version then i would assume you would just overwrite coinops 6 r16 with this one.

remember to delete your old coinops save.

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I've been trying to download Coinops for a few months (on and off of course).. but never figured out how to get it to fully download.. esp considering the links..



So how can I do this?


I copy/pasted link.. then what do I click on?? everything I click ends up trying to install a media player or is giving me like a spam site :\ I want to play my arcade games!!

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I've downloaded the three files but one thing.. and I had the same question to myself when CoinOps 6 came out..


all three files contain (i think) the same files, like duplicates.. Do I just copy all three and transfer them all into a "CoinOps 7" folder in the E drive (in my emulation apps folder)???


Not exactly sure what to do on this.. just trying to play X-men while I'm repairing my actual PCB's lol

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So right now..


I tried copying and pasting all 3 (duplicate) folders downloaded Into a coinops 7 folder in my E drive along with my other emulators, and this is what it does when I click on the orange/red icon


CoinOps 7 title screen shows up, press any button, then a loading screen (arcade blabla and handheld blabla ..please wait).. So it loads


Then another screen that says scanning multiple folders, then another that says please wait...... And finally BACK to the CoinOps 7 title screen that says to press any button....


Continuously repeats this process. I've checked the readme folder and I couldn't find any install guide (not that there needs to be), but I still can't figure out how to get this to work



Not to mention though... Somehow my emulators folder ended up showing all the files from the CoinOps folder instead of my emulators... So that could be the problem (not sure how I did that by clicking and dragging).... But I'll re-do that later this evening and see what happens



Any advice on this?

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I'm not sure if there's any other way for me to extract them. I mean so far I'm using a MAC and I'm not sure that could be the reason (PC blew years ago and haven't built one since)..



I'll let you know what I'm using to extract once I get home. But yes when I downloaded all three files, they all extracted the same files


So that's weird, same thing with coin op 6, except there I was able to choose a game but would get errors and never actually be able to play

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