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Jumping on the neighbours WIFI


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My neighbour says I can hog her line till mines set up and paid for, but wanted to know who hard can it be?


I have access to a router a pretty good one but before I go messing around with it I have been told it might be more difficult than I thought to get it working.


What I thought would happen: Plug in my router and install all the drivers, scan for wirless networks, see hers and connect to it after she gives me the password, voila high speed bullshit.


What I got told would happen: I would have to configure her wifi to accept mine, then manually enter a load of bullshit to each wifi box for them to work, and then they might not even work properly.


I also have one of these:




Bottom line is, if all i have to do is is set up a router or whatever and bang in a password im in business, but dont want to be in her house having to lug my pc down there to see her wifi settings. She has no laptop and only uses a tablet for basic internet things.


Its probably not a good idea, I just wanted to know is it as easy as I thought it would be.


Cheers 1emu.



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She needs to do NOTHING on her end, YOU need a router that can connect to hers in Client Bridge Mode. There are no drivers to install for a router, you just connect to your router like you would otherwise, preferably wired as Client Bridge effectively HALVES the wireless bandwidth.


Some routers have bridge modes in the factory firmware, others require 3rd party firmware like DD-WRT/OpenWRT/Gargoyle/Tomato

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