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The new 300 movie is a feminist nightmare.


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Anyone else tired of this shite?

Average movie, and for some reason nearly all the battles take place at sea, I wanted to see more ground fights, and the cool narrator of the first movie is no place to be heard.

So many movies are portraying women as some kind of unflappable force its becoming rather grating to watch.

I'm a believer in the slow feminisation of the west and I also believe through Hollywood it preaches that BS every chance it gets.

(usual not all women/i like women safety line)


If you go see this movie watch for it, you cant miss it.

Its shite.

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Feminist women are confused. They want equality in treatment and rights, but men and women aren't equal in a physiological or psychological sense. We address issues about rights and equality because of morality, not natural law. If that were true we'd expect more women to enlist in the military and armed forces since they make up a larger percentage of the population. But morally, we segregate "women and children" from men in lieu of danger, don't we?


So how can we treat them equally when in every aspect of life when we aren't, either?


Anyway, I believe I know why they played up women's roles in the 300 flicks. Simply put, it's to play down a homo-erotic bromance overtone by not putting too much emphasis on just the male aspect of war, considering most of them are half-naked with spray-on abs. It's either that or because comicbook writers and artists have an obsession with glorifying women, and Frank Miller is well-known in that industry.


Was the action good at least?

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Yeah there was nothing wrong with the fighting and action at all.

I cant do spoiler tags so cant quite explain some of the weird shit that goes on in this movie.





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