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The Internet is congested with shock-factor BS


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The funny thing is ... she probably mistakes what a "Fedora" is in her mind for a Trilby -- something most people confuse -- in her latest video.


Edit: nm she knows the difference lol.

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I to miss the past days of how the internet and this forum use to be but alas that is what it is the past. I still like coming here and being able to say what I want and feel that I won't be judged for it unlike other forums that I have been a member of. This place will always be my home away from home and you all with always be my friends even if we never really meet face to face.


As far as the internet shock factor, well that is what today's youth want. The want it now and they want it fast and they want it to be shocking. If it continues this way the world and internet will one day be so full of useless crap, as if it isn't already, that know one really cares anymore. It is all about what can I get and how much of it can I get from others without myself having to pay the price.


Anyway enough of my rant. I love this place and all of you.

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I miss your facebook randomness emsley


I just cant deal with the place.

Its utterly random, depends what peoples moods are like and what they have been getting worked up about.

It really pushes scattered thinking, now 4 months down the line my thinking is well not perfect but its not as "zig zaggy"

I also got shit from an ex on there who liked to call the cops on me and yes they took me in and asked me shit about "messages"...


You see a post for example, then a second later the next person might be super pissed/going ratty political/ moaning about the ex, or a race hate post and its like Ffs........

You need a drink to process it but then you guessed it, I start rolling round the place and making it worse. and for whatever reason i couldnt keep the place in check...

Not for me.

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