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Coinops 6 Standalone (NEW RELEASE)


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CoinOPS 6
by britneyspairs

There are no locks in this release as far as i know.

Action Holywood Now Playable
Added Support for Many Street Fighter 2 Hacks (Rainbow Editions)
Area 51 Now Playable
Arm Champs II Now Playable
B Rap Boys Now Fixed
B Rap Boys Special Now Fixed
Battle Grategga Special Now Playable
Battle Shark (Joystick) Now Playable
Bubble Bobble 2 Return of Super Drunk Now Playable
Bubble Bobble 2 Super Now Playable
Bubble Bobble Lost Caves 1.2 Now Playable
Bubble Memories Super Now Playable
Donkey Kong Pauline Now Playable
Donkey Kong Two Marios Now Playable
Double Wings Now Playable
F1 Grand Prix Star II Now Playable
Fang Special Now Playable
Fire Barrel Now Playable
Gauntlet 2 (4player) Now Playable
Golden Axe 2 Now Fixed
Golden Tee Games Now Playable
Heavy Smash Now Playable
Hyper Crash Now Playable
Hyper Street Fighter 2 The Anniversary Edition Now Playable
Kabukiz Now Playable
Kazan Now Playable
Lucky and Wild Now Playable
Max Force Now Playable
Metal Hawk Now Playable
Metal Slug 3 Violence Now Playable
Mouse Shooter GoGo Now Playable
Mr Dos Nightmare Now Playable
Ms Pacman Now Playable without Turbo
Ms Pacman Turbo Now Playable
Night Slashers English Now Playable
Out Run Enhanced Now Playable
Pacland Now Fixed
Pacman Now Playable without Turbo
Pacman Turbo Now Playable
Power Instinct 2 Now Fixed
Powerful Baseball 96 Now Playable
Raiden Fighters 2 Special Now Playable
Raiden Fighters 2 Vastly Improved
Raiden Fighters Jet Special Now Playable
Raiden Fighters Jet Vastly Improved
Rampage World Tour Now Fixed
Run and Gun Now Playable
Sega Games now have aspect (Wonderboy Choplifer and way more)
Simpons Bowling Now Playable
SNES Big Sky Trooper Now Playable
SNES Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius Now Playable
SNES Mechwarrior 3050 Now Playable
SNES Porky Pigs Haunted Holiday Now Playable
SNES Robocop III Now Playable
Star Destroyer Now Playable
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Dynamic Battle Now Playable
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Dynamic Survival Now Playable
Super Mario 64 Co Op Now Playable
Super Street Fighter 2 Tournment Bout Now Playable
Susume Taisen Puzzle Dama Now Playable
Taisen Puzzle Dama Now Playable
Top Player Golf Graphics Fixed
Twin Cobra 2 Now Playable
Vamp Half Improved
Vicious Circle Now Playable

and many more....27,000 games now

Added 50 Skin Themes
Added Analog Sensitivity Setting
Added Arcade Scanline Support
Added Aspect Correction for Fullscreen Skin
Added Atari 7800 Core
Added CHD support
Added Completely New Dial Support
Added Completely New Mouse Support
Added Dial Sensitivity Setting
Added Fully customisable SNES Multitap and set it up to automatically setup mutitap games (CoinOPS/SNESmulti)
Added Ghosting Effects
Added Hue Shifting Effects
Added INTERFACE Lock Favorites setting
Added lock to 1st SNES core and 2nd SNES core (eg robocop 3 is locked to 2nd core as it only works in the new core)
Added Marquee for consoles
Added Mouse Deadzone setting (defaulted to off for the smooth operation...may drift a tiny bit)
Added Mouse Sensitivity Setting
Added New SNES core and switch to enable it for all games if you like it (much faster than the old core...better sound more support)
Added option for cab owns or others to switch start button or A button to launch game...so start wont open the menu....in CO6save/mamedox.ini
Added Padal New Analog Support
Added Padal New Dial Support
Added Padal Sensitivity Setting
Added Personal Favorites. Add CoinOPS/Favorites/GameName.txt as many as you like..you can load these easily from the start menu and load on scan or new build
Added Scanline Strength Settings
Added Scanline Support
Added Screensaver name and system/manufacture
Added Screensaver Vertical support to stop stretch on screensaver
Added Skin Theme Template in PSD and also PNG overlays to put over any background
Added Skin Themes Support
Added Speed Improvement Hacks for NeoGeo
Added Support for 4x3 and Scaled screen sizes....4x3 fits to 4x3...scales the orig aspect ratio
Added Support for over 10,000 New console games (Total of over 27,000 games now supported)
Added X button to switch to name and console sort choice
C64 Joystick Swap
Cleaned up Driver Names
Cleaned up Years
Completly rewrote the filter code to give no real overhead with new Graphics Fliters
Connected the new SNES core to aspect and sharp correction
Decreased the footprint of Mame so more games can load
Documentation tidy ups
Fixed alot of graphics issues and sound issues on Sega System1, Sega System16 and Sega System E (Sega 1980-1989)
Fixed Aspect Corrected Mame Games
Fixed Broken Final Burn Saved Dip Switches
Fixed Console Save States
Fixed Dragons Lair and Space Ace Play Though Video Preview
Fixed Screensaver Name running over the end of the box
Imporved the Virtual Memory Engine so more games load
Improved Documentation
Improved Support Files
Intergrate into Vision 4/Visionary 4 Added
Linked Stretch Preview and Extra Info Panel Enable Disable settings to Screensaver
Lots of Tidyups
Metal Slugs & Shock Troopers Blood
Removed left analog stick fast scroll on left right as it confused people...up down still works...but down and slightly to left used to fast scroll up and this wasnt intended
Save moved into CoinOPS/CO6save folder so you can have as many CoinOPS installs as you want and have no confict with saves
Scanlines added to the old MAME 72 core so lots more work
Scanlines now work with vertical games including in monitor on its side and autorotate (they where the wrong way last time and not rotated)
Screensaver now works on all folders
Speed hack for Neo Geo core
Speed Hacked Metal Slug 3 Violence
Speed up the midway Ultimate MK3 core a little
Update CoinOPS core
Update Mame 72 core
Updated Gauntlet 1 and 2 for Graphics and Sound glitchs
Updated the FTP engine

1 link download and mirrorlinks (349mb)




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