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Coinops 5 full install fails to transfer


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As Bambi said might be the HDD is too small for the full CoinOPS install Also might be some of the File names are too long i think the xbox has a limit on how many

words can be used in a File This problem appears on the CoinOPS forum quite a lot maybe you could ask over there

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Do you have a big enough hdd?

Whats it saying when it fails?

I have a 350GB hdd, when it fails it doesn't give me a reason, like the name of the file is too long ect. I've tries it 4 times now and I don't get it. I have used flash fxp and file zilla and nothing. I do try to put it on the F patition, I'm thinking of putting it on the E. On my last atempt all folders transfered while all files failed, mostly xbe's.

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