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Yanese is Yet Another NES Emulator

Change log:

Version 0.10

  • Dirct3d 9 uses Texture Quads now, according to microsoft there is a performance degree when you "blit" to secondary buffer directly. Should run faster now.
  • Sound and video sync. Games that uses special effects for tearing images look well.
  • APU is working perfectly. Any bugs please tell me.
  • Added MMC2 PunchOut!. The game is fully playable with no graphics distorsion nor glitches.
  • Changed default palette to a NTSC compliant one.
  • Now you can load .PAL files
  • Now top 8 scanline and bottom 8 scanlines are clipped to feel like a NTSC NES.
  • Becouse scanlines are clipped i added 4X window, so 1920x1080 resolution can be used.

Version 0.09

  • Fixed Save State issue
  • Added Mapper #58
  • Fixed BxROM. Now a53games works fine. Thanks to tepples for telling me the bug
  • Render Engine chnged a little.
  • Window now isn't sizable since rendering now uses Point Sampling
  • Optimized CPU core

Version 0.08

  • Added 4 "Quick Save States", this means while you play, save states won't be saved to a file on disk.
  • Mapper 226: "42 in 1" runs, "74 in 1" doesn't i dont know why, i have to check. Why? i had 42 in 1 in my pirate Famicom integrated in it.
  • Mapper 187: Thunder Warrior and Master Fighter II support. Why? I had MF2 when i was a child.
  • Changed "Pause" to spacebar.
  • Optimizated cpu core a little.
  • Windows XP,7,8 Look and Feel. :-P
  • Fixed other/minor bugs.

download: Yanese x32 0.10

download: Yanese x64 0.10

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