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XMPlayer 0.0.3


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XMPlayer 0.0.3 – September 6, 2013




Version 0.0.3:

- Fixed: Updated mount code to work with more usb devices (same as XeLL v0.993)

- Fixed: OSD bug

- Added: First binary release with Corona support!!




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New version :-)



Version 0.0.4:
- Fixed: Sometimes when mounting more than 1 USB device, it can crash, now it loads what it can
- Fixed: Overload buffer and memory leak leading to random crashes
- Fixed: Elf files not loading after a video has been played
- Fixed: Audio- and subdelay shows -0 ms
- Fixed: First time you enter osd menu when paused, it removes it again
- Fixed: Volume not changing in audio settings when paused
- Fixed: Mplayer crashes if .rar archive is not supported
- Fixed: Mplayer crashes if .rar archive is valid, but doesn’t not contain video
- Changed: Disabled balance in osd menu, it doesn’t work
- Changed: Libass disabled as default, beware libass makes xmplayer unstable
- Changed: Subfont from Arial to Dejavu Sans
- Changed: Removed Music and Photos menu for now, not supported
- Changed: « Restart » now restarts XMPlayer
- Added: Support for .rmvb files
- Added: New subtitle shader with selectable color and selectable outline color. Increased stability because libass is not needed
- Added: New Harddrive and DVD icons
- Added: XMplayer stops showing loading screen and shows underlying error message, if it indeed crashed
- Added: Restart to NXE in Global Setting in « Shutdown » option




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