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New Social/Facebook Admin

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1Emulation has been a little late with the social media scene. Believe it or not, we finally created our first Facebook page earlier this year! Of course, Facebook has been around now for about 8 years, so we certainly held back our social presence for much too long. Regardless, we're doing pretty well for starting as late as we have, and we now are on Twitter, and reddit as well. Join us as we're planning to make a huge come back in late 2013 and early 2014. The emulation scene won't be the same...


Now for the big news -- we now have a new Facebook Admin. His name is Jitway and he's a veteran member of 1Emulation!

He'll be posting some amazing stuff on our Facebook page, as it is continuously and automatically updated with our latest gaming, emulation, and homebrew news as well.


You've got to join. Like us on Facebook and please welcome Jitway as our new leader of 1Emulation's social presence.


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