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Chipped 360 - not working/needs hacking.

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My cousin has a 360 that was previously hacked/chipped, but he put in an off the shelf game or something else and it update and wiped the mod.

I was wondering what i need to do to get it back to an open hacked state?


Is there anything you need to know like what kind of chip it is?

what year the 360 is or anything else?


Obviously im not a total noob, what would be the best way to go about getting this sucker back the hacked city?

Cheers 1emu.

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Probably need to be taken to a shop or such that does the mods.. Was it just a dvd drive hack or a jtag/rgh? either way its not easy unless u have some experience.. If jtag/rgh it need a NAND reflash with a device like a NAND-X . If it was a drive mod then Im not sure as I only have experience with old jtag hack myself...


Kindest Regards..

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I see.

Im not 100% sure of the mod but looking at the nand-x device its probably best for it to go back in to the shop.

I'll be able to find out what the exact mod is in a little while.

Cheers man.


To avoid it resetting i it best to simply keep newer games out of the system?

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Yeah or if its the dvd thingo u need some other special tools also..

Think there was only ever the 1 (?) major update that reflashed the drive and caused trouble, since 360 is finished now there may not be any more there.

Good to read up about any update before allowing it to run, goes for other console mods too I spose.

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