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XBMX4XBOX v3.3 beta1 (new update)


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The upcoming 3.3 version of XBMC4Xbox has now reached a point where it should be stable for every day use, and can be put through more testing by end users.

The improvements in the 3.3 Beta 1 release include:

* DVDPlayer improvements – including:
o Updated libraries for DVDPlayer (FFMPEG/libdvd et al).
o Recognises additional video extensions as used by some XBox games.
o HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) support.
o Other playback improvements from XBMC.
* New default Confluence Lite skin.
* Updated VFS and Cache
* Improved 128MB Ram support.
* Built-in support for recently added videos/music for skins (without the need for Python).
* Updated MythTV support.
* Better out of the box support for universal / Microsoft Media Extender remotes.
* Password Manager for Samba shares allowing different usernames/password per share.
* Skinning improvements.
* Scraper updates.
* Various other code / library updates and improvements.

Big thanks to all those who have helped with this, including JezzX for Confluence Lite and XBS for his work porting it over to XBMC4Xbox. Thanks also to the developers at the XBMC project, as the majority of features were backported from their code base. Thanks to Dom, Jan, Kozz, Temhil, XPhazer and XMan as well as others over at the XBMC4XBox Forum for their help with scripting, code testing, moral support and help running things.

1 link download and mirrorlinks(64mb)




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