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[Members Only!] Forum Attack System RETURNS on 1Emulation!

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After over 4 years without a forum attack system, it finally has returned to 1Emulation! What is a forum attack system you ask? It's essentially an embedded video game within our forums that allow you to "attack" other members with guns, grenades, and various other weapons to gain notoriety, points, and money (credits). The more members you can "kill", the higher you can level-up! Much like Pokemon or World of Warcraft, you have to build your profile into a stronger and stronger character until it's almost impossible to kill.

For members who played the original forum attack system on 1Emulation, this one is a little different, but more or less the same. Just click the new yellow fist icon at the bottom of a person's profile to attack them. You can't miss it!

+ Forum Attack System (F.A.S.)

--------> Support Forum

Enjoy! If you haven't registered on 1Emulation already, this is your chance! Register here. Hope you can join us in the fun. :-)

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