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PS2 emulation unlocked for all PS3s

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The emulator included in the first batches of PS3s with hardware-based and software-based emulation of PS2 games just got unlocked and can now be used to run PS2 games on all PS3s running custom firmwares, including Slim ones.


Removal of this feature despite the PS3 being fully capable of running PS2 games raises again the question of strategic removal of advertised features in order to sell them back (as "HD collections", like with the Silent Hill one, whose mediocre quality was put to shame by PCSX2 junctioned with a widescreen-enabling hack).





Current compatibility


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I've been reading about this. The tutorial to get it all working and set up sounds a bit clunky IMO. I'm going to wait until its been integrated hopefully into the next version of Multiman. I wonder if they'll find any hidden gems for full PSP emulation as well.


Reminds me... off topic, but does anybody know if any fully compatible PSP emulator for the PC was ever released or being worked on?

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